Having a relationship means that you’re ready to learn some lesson of life.

The most important lesson is knowing that you’re not an option and try to be commitment.

If you have no idea, here are some priority quotes about a relationship which may help you to find out how your relationship works so far.

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Choosing the things in life is everyone’s right.

But if you’ve been brave enough to have a relationship, tehn you should put the one you love into your top-list.

Your lover sometimes may not be your number one, but make him/her into your priotiy means you’re ready to have time for your love.

Priority Quotes About A Relationship

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“When she or he makes effort to spare the time for you, you are a priority”

“Your lover will ask your apology when she/he had made you upset. Otherwise, you’re not in the priority list since she/he didn’t mind to lose you”

“You may think that I want your money or wealth. In fact, I want your time, attention, smile, loyalty and also be your priority” – love isn’t always about materialistic. This quotes or kata-kata cinta means that feeling and soul are more important.

“When you’re into a relationship, then you’ll make effort to make time. Yes, you’re busy, but it’s not a reason. Time builds your feeling and trust with the one you love”

“If you know how to make your lover become priority, you’ll realize that you’ve been commitment and loyal”

“I know that you’re busy and so am I. But when it’s come to every day, it’s time for me to ask myself, do I deserve a relationship like this?”

“It’s okay for me to wait. Waiting for someone I love isn’t a big deal. However, when you make me to wait everytime I wanna see you, then I’m not that important to you.”

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“As your partner, we need to combine our respect and commitment. That’s how relationship works.”

“When you feel alone every time though you’ve a lover, actually it’s a sign you’re not his/her priority. Or worse, your relationship actually has been over”- when it has been over, find another one who treats you right. – Other quotes and useful information can be found at https://celticstown.com/kata-kata-cinta/ (this isn’t english blog).

“Being your priority mean you care a lot. You may not say a word, but you do everything to meet my need. Eventhough I never ask you. It’s sign that I am important to you”

“If you and your lover never make any plans to spend the quality time together, it means you’re destined to be good for good. You’re not his priority. He’s not your priority as well.”

“Never make ssomeone to be your other half when yourself is only an option for them. Don’t waste your golden time to realize how many people around who’s better for you”

“When you ask for being priority of your lover, you’re not selfish. It’s everyone’s right to be treated well especially by your lover”

“Relationship is attractive when someone wants to see you, talk to you, and make you to be their part of the day”

Being each other’s priority will make your relationship healthier.

No one will be thirst of attention or feeling lonely all the time.

These priority quotes about a relatonship will help you to realize that everyone is important and deserves love.

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