Not only as a timepiece, now the clock has many functions. Smartwatch is designed specifically to facilitate human life, starting from monitoring the heart rate, giving navigation instructions through GPS to tracking our daily activities. All in one!

Well, here is a list of the 5 best smartwatches in 2019. Before making a choice and decide to buy, read first, let’s!

1. Motorola Moto 360 Sport

A minimalist design and vibrant colors immediately steal our attention. As the name implies, this clock is deliberately designed for people who are active and like sports. The Motorola Moto 360 Sport is resistant to dust and water, and is reinforced with sensors to measure heart rate and height gauges. Suitable for those of you who like outdoor activities!

Oh yeah, this smartwatch is equipped with an Android OS with 4GB of internal memory and 512MB RAM. The battery has a capacity of 300 mAh and can last up to 24 hours, explained the GSM Arena page. This smartwatch is sold at a price of Rp3-3.5 million.

2. Xiaomi Amazfit

Still with vibrant colors, the Xiaomi Amazfit design looks more simple, modern and high-end. Has features that are not much different from competitors, namely 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal memory, dust and water resistant, and has a battery capacity of 280 mAh. Even so, the battery is widely praised for holding up to 5 days for normal use.

This smartwatch has many sensors that support, namely the heart rate sensor, acceleration, gyroscope, geomagnetic to light sensors. Has WiFi connection as well as bluetooth 4.0. This smartwatch is priced at Rp1.5 to Rp1.9 million.

3. Huawei Watch 2

Not only good at playing in the smartphone market, Huawei also has a flagship smartwatch. Let’s get acquainted with Huawei Watch 2. This smartwatch is equipped with a built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, embedded Android OS, WiFi, bluetooth 4.0 with 4 GB of internal memory along with 768 MB RAM.

The advantage, Huawei Watch 2 has a battery with a capacity of 420 mAh. Big enough compared to similar smartwatches. Like a smartwatch, Huawei Watch 2 is also equipped with water and dust resistant and built-in compass.

However, this series is complained because the size of the touch screen is too small! According to, Huawei Watch 2 is sold at Rp. 5.4 million. A little bit pricey?

4. ASUS Zenwatch 3

ASUS Zenwatch 3 is superior thanks to its luxurious and elegant design. Even so, its features are not much different from its competitors. Planted with Android Wear 2.1 OS with 4GB of internal memory and 512MB RAM, has a WiFi connection but no Bluetooth.

The battery has a capacity of 341 mAh, this smartwatch is superior thanks to the fast charging feature. Yep, the battery can reach 60 percent in just 15 minutes. If used continuously, this battery will last up to 48 hours. At Bukalapak and Tokopedia, ASUS Zenwatch 3 is priced at IDR 6.5 million to IDR 6.8 million.

5. Apple Watch Series 3

Not to be outdone, Apple also helped launch its flagship smartwatch. Let’s meet Apple Watch Series 3! Planted with WatchOS 4.0 and 768 MB RAM, this smartwatch has quite a large internal memory, which is 16 GB. The battery is quite small, only 279 mAh which will last up to 18 hours.

The standard features of the smartwatch are owned, such as water resistance, has a heart rate sensor, is connected to WiFi and can play MP3s and display photos. Based on comparisons from several marketplaces such as Blibli, Tokopedia to Lazada, the price varies between Rp. 4-5 million.

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