Starting from the way Kantil Flower nursery, In the way of Kantil Flower cultivation, the first thing you have to do is prepare Kantil flower seeds. There are various ways you can do to get the seeds.

To make it more practical in the Kantil Flower nursery process, it is recommended to buy Kantil seeds at the Kembang seed shop because the quality is also certain. Thus you only need to plant and care for it.

How to plant Kantil Flower through a good planting medium

The most important step in planting Kantil Flower is preparing the right planting media for the seeds that have been prepared. Easy and practical ways to plant as follows:

• You do not have to plant Kantil Kembang directly in your yard or in your home garden as a planting medium. If indeed your land is not possible for gardening, you can plant your beloved flower in a pot.
• How to plant Kantil Kembang seeds in pots is also very easy. First you mix the soil, kkamung fertilizer and also sand. This mixing ratio is about 1: 1: 1.
• Put the mixture soil then into a pot. Make sure you choose a pot with a large size and leave space as high as 15 cm so that the soil does not spill when you are moving the pot.
• You can make a planting hole and open the polybag in the seedlings slowly so that the roots are not damaged. Then put it in the hole and cover it using soil.
• Don’t forget to tighten the planting area so the Kantil seeds can stand firmly.
• Place the pot in a shady place for about 2 months.

Then you can only move it in the open space of the pot over 2 months.

If by chance your house has a large area and you want to plant Kantil Kembang seeds directly on the ground, here we will also give the steps. The steps – direct planting Kantil seedlings as follows:

• Choose a planting location that is easy to reach and clean of waste.
• Simultaneously do the process of foaming and fertilizing the soil so that the soil is well nourished so that it can support the growth and development of plants in the end.
• Make a planting hole with a size of 50 x 50 x 50 cm then enter Kantil seeds that have opened polybags or plastic.
• Next, finally, you need to cover the hole with the same soil and compact it. Also make mounds to help prevent shrinkage of the soil when it rains or when watering.

How to Take Care of Kantil Flower Best After Planted

After you plant, care for the plants that you have planted is also important to be a concern. For Kantil plants, the maintenance steps you can take are as follows:

• Perform regular watering especially when the dry season arrives for newly planted seeds. If the tree is 1 year old then you can water it as needed.
• Further fertilization can be done at the beginning of the rainy season and before the dry season. While you are fertilizing, you can also do weeding to keep it clean.
• Also do pruning every year and spray using pesticides then give medicinal plants in dealing with pests and diseases that attack.
You can harvest Kantil Kembang about 1 year after planting. To harvest it you can do it in the afternoon to keep the flower in a fresh condition.

That’s the various types of Kantil Flower and how to cultivate that is important you know and understand. Hopefully this information will inspire you, especially Flower lovers.

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