Talking about Kantil Kembang, many people who have been associated with Kantil Kembang with various myths. This flower which is also known by another name Kantile flower is believed to be the flower whose aroma is liked by spirits. Therefore many magical myths are included about Kantil Kantil or Kantil Kembang. Types of Kantil Flower

White Kantil Flower

White Kantil flower is quite popular among the people of Indonesia. This flower with the Latin name Michelia Alba can grow up to a height of 30 meters. White kantil flower which is often called Kantile flower in the twig has smooth hair which is grayish in color. The type of leaf is a single leaf with an egg shape and has a bright green color.

Kantil Flower when still young has a green color after blooming then the color changes to pure white. White Kantil Flower has now become one of the flora that is characteristic of the province of Central Java. For the people of Central Java, this white kantil flower is used in various traditional ceremonies such as decorating heirloom weapons, being a bridal decoration while in the procession of death this flower is used as a flower tabor and also to decorate the bodies of the corpse.

Red Kantil Flower

Red Kantil Kembang is not as popular as white Kantil Kembang. Red Kantil Flower has its own characteristics. This flower is still in the magnoliaceae family which has a pink flower that can grow on the tips of the branches.

Despite having a tiny size of 5 to 7 cm, the flower petals are arranged neatly. The fragrant aroma produced from the Red Kantil Flower is very sharp and distinctive. However, the blooming process of the flower is very short, which is about 2 hours. After this flower will wither and shape like a normal kantil flower.

Red Kantil flowers are included in Kantil flowers which are not as beautiful as other ornamental plants. But they are already hunted by collectors of ornamental plants. That is because this flower is classified as a rare type of flower. Currently the price is still high, reaching 1 to 3 million rupiah for the flower bud.

Not only the flower Kembang, the price is exorbitant, but the Red Kantil tree also has a very high price, reaching 10 to 15 million rupiah. It all depends also on the quality of the plants.

Purple Kantil Flower

Purple Kantil Flower has the Latin name Magnolia liliaflora. Magnolia liliaflora is not less beautiful than the other Kantil Flower. Flower petals with bright purple color and also a fragrant aroma to make many people to be fascinated by the beauty of this flower.

The number of leaves in this purple orchid flower seems like it is covered with a large number of flowers on each branch. Purple Kantil Flower will also bloom when the beginning of the rainy season and can also grow optimally if planted in the highlands with temperatures reaching 20-26 degrees Celsius.



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