The appearance of small zits is actually not a dangerous thing for the body because small zits can disappear by itself after a few days. However, many ways are taken to speed up the process of disappearance, ranging from natural methods to medical treatment though. Little pimples are a common problem that often occurs, this can cause discomfort and lack of confidence for some people. Below is a summary of several ways you can do to get rid of acne, either using skincare products or naturally.

Wash your face regularly
Washing your face regularly using soap or foam washing your face that is suitable for your skin type is one easy way that can be done. Routine washing your face at least 2 times a day can remove excess dirt and oil which will trigger the growth of small zits on the face. Especially if you do make up, then you have to do double cleansing so that the remnants of makeup do not cause acne.

Use toner
Toner is one ingredient that cannot be left out of your various skincare. This ingredient is believed to be effective in removing residual impurities that cause acne, restore skin pH, prevent dry skin and reduce excess oil production. Therefore, routine double cleansing accompanied by the use of toner is believed to be effective in removing or preventing the appearance of new zits.

Routinely use a moisturizer
The next step you have to do is to apply a moisturizer regularly on your facial skin. Moisturizers can keep skin moist and prevent dry skin and inhibit excess oil productivity triggers acne.

Use sunscreen or sunblock when leaving the house
Using sunscreen when leaving the house is something you should not miss. Exposure to sunlight can cause sunburn and make acne worse, so the use of this material can provide protection for your skin.

Besides using a set of skincare products or chemicals, there are also ways to get rid of acne with natural ingredients, here are some of them:

Ice cube is a natural ingredient that can be used to get rid of pimples, just wrap the ice cube using a cloth and paste it on your pimples, so the redness and swelling of the zit will gradually diminish.
You can use honey as a mask to get rid of zits while preventing the appearance of bad bacteria that cause acne.

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