The front of the house represents the personality of the owner and reflects the spaces in it.

Wood material is not only easily available in tropical regions such as Indonesia, it also strengthens the natural impression, becomes a symbol of robustness, and unites natural materials with artificial materials.

Then, how is the right way to utilize and display wood material to enhance the appearance of your minimalist home?

This article will explain it.

Starting from the characteristics of wood and the right composition with other materials, accompanied by examples of houses that have used it well.

Characteristics of Wood


There are several types of wood that are often used in buildings.

Each type has distinctive characteristics, both in terms of strength, fiber beauty, moisture content, durability, density, and density.

In order to be precise in choosing the type of wood for the part of the house, the criteria and specifications must be considered.

  • teak wood: strong, durable, has fiber and a beautiful texture, resistant to mold, termites and insects
  • merbau wood: quite hard, resistant to insects, reddish brown, discontinuous fiber lines
  • bangkirai wood: quite durable and strong, hard, easy to appear hair cracks and pinhole on the surface, weatherproof making it suitable for outdoor
  • camphor wood: affordable prices, fine and beautiful wood fiber, age not as long as teak wood, strength is not as strong as bangkirai wood, rarely hair cracks, tend to be easily deformed, not recommended for doors and windows that are too big and tall
  • coconut wood: short-line fibers, no straight fiber grooves, no wooden eyes, dark brown color
  • red meranti: hard, pink, not too smooth texture, not weatherproof
  • rubber wood: yellowish white, rather heavy, not too hard
  • ironwood: dark, seawater, durable and strong
  • acacia wood: fiber is quite tight, can last more than 20 years, low cracking power, rather hard, rather rough texture, integrated straight fiber, easily formed

How to treat it


Wood material for the front of the house must be resistant to weather changes.

So, special care is needed so that the wood is resistant to rain or hot sun.

Be sure to tidy up all wood-borne defects or wood construction connections that are less dense with putty, then flatten with coarse sandpaper.

Dilute the plitur / politer with thinner. Mix until smooth, then let stand until dry.

Sand with fine sandpaper twice as a base process.

Wrap the brush with a T-shirt cloth. Satisfy again until the results look flat and smooth.

As a final stage, cover with clear gloss for a glossy or clear clear look for a graceful appearance.

Composition with Other Materials


As a natural material, wood materials are easily composed with other materials, such as exposed bricks, concrete, natural stone, and iron.

As a traditional ingredient, wood remains nicely combined with a variety of modern, minimalist, contemporary, pop art and mid-century architectural styles.

Every architectural element can generally use wood material.

Frames and door and window leaves, jalousie, porch poles, house arches, terrace structures, all of which can use wood material.

The strength of wood can be relied upon to support the burden of the building.

The shape can be adjusted to the needs.

The appearance can also be very neat, especially with various carvings, especially carvings typical of Indonesian culture.

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