There are many health benefits of Kantil Kantil. One of them kantil flower can cure a bloated stomach. Flatulence is actually caused by the amount of gas that is in the stomach so the gas needs to be removed.

The way you use Kantil Kantil. You can boil kantil flowers with a mixture of ginger, dried tangerine peels and cardamom plants. Then you can simply consume traditional ingredients that can make your bloating problems resolved soon.

Helps eliminate body odor problems

Kantil Flower is known as a type of flower that has a very fragrant aroma. The fragrant aroma of Kantil flowers can be used to eliminate or reduce unpleasant body odor.

Bad body odor actually occurs because the amount of sweat that comes mixed with bacteria that clings to the body. The reason is for those of you who have an unpleasant body odor problem so that it can potentially eliminate your confidence, now you can immediately overcome it by using Kantil Kembang.

You can consume Kantil Kembang every day regularly to help get rid of your unpleasant body odor. With a distinctive aroma found in Kantil Kantil makes it very important in eliminating the problem of body odor.

Helps overcome vaginal discharge problems in women

Leucorrhoea experienced by women is actually caused by viral infections, fungi, parasites and also bacteria that grow in the area of ​​intimate organs. Then vaginal discharge also needs to be treated in order to maintain a healthy body so as not to cause an unpleasant odor in the end. Leucorrhoea that occurs can be treated using Kantil Flower. This is because Kantil Flower has antibacterial properties that can overcome various problems related to bacterial infections including vaginal discharge.

Help overcome the problem of cough with phlegm

In addition to some of the benefits above, another benefit of Kantil Kembang is to cough up phlegm. The reason for those of you who are now stricken with cough with phlegm it’s good to consume this flower.

For those of you who are currently stricken with cough with phlegm, it is better for you to consume this flower because it is caused by the ingredients in it which provide extraordinary benefits in eliminating or overcoming the problem of phlegm cough.

Treating vertigo

Vertigo is a symptom of dizziness that comes with a sensation of yourself or around people who experience vertigo is felt to spin suddenly. This condition is mild and not too pronounced. There are also severe ones that will disrupt the daily activities of the person concerned.

The reason is if you experience an attack of this disease one day, you will quickly need to consume an ingredient made from Kantil Kembang. The content in Kantil Flower which is used as an herb is believed to provide a very large role in the treatment of vertigo.

Help treat bronchitis problems

Bronchitis is an infection that occurs in the patient’s airway area. People who experience bronchitis will experience inflammation or inflammation in the channel in question. Bronchitis is a respiratory disorder that must be treated immediately.

If you don’t treat it immediately, it will cause an infection in the acute respiratory tract. Then it will certainly have a bad impact in the end. How to treat bronchitis by using Kantil Flower is quite easy.

You can dry the Kantil Flower then you make the dried Kantil Flower mixture mixed with warm water and honey. This herb besides can help overcome the problem of bronchitis, can also help relieve cough and asthma.

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