Choosing color for bathroom is exciting. It is when you have a will to express yourself. Speaking of bathroom painting, you might want to take a look at several bathroom paint ideas that will be explained further below.

Before you go there, you need to be aware that there are surely much more ideas you can look for. These are only few ideas of them. Let’s get to know more.

Dark Colors

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Who said that dark colors do not match for a bathroom? It is not totally right since you can go with dark accents. If you want to pick this idea, try to take a note several tips as follows:

  • Place good lighting

If you paint the bathroom wall with dark colors, it is best for you to set a very good lighting inside bathroom. It will be a best match when you do so.

  • Pick bright colors for the furniture

Try to pick furniture with bright colors if the wall color is dark. You do not want to make your bathroom look gloomy, do you?

  • Add natural light

You have to create a good lighting for a dark painted room as mentioned above. You can even set a natural light to make it great. Try to make a large window for bathroom, so there is enough sunlight which comes through there.

Clean White Color

Clean White Color

Although there are people who are brave enough in choosing dark colors for bathroom paint ideas, there are still many others who like to go with clean white color. This color looks perfect for a bathroom since you can even make a trick from it.

You can create a large space even though you have a small one. Just place a mirror to make the room larger than the reality. The combination of white color and mirrors are nice small bathroom ideas.

All about Gray Color

Gray is a color between black and white. This color is another choice that’s mostly chosen as well. There are many various tones made from gray, such as cool gray and brown-gray. As for brown-gray, this one has been chosen as favorite color of the year. It surely gives a good sight inside your bathroom.

Another color mentioned before is cool gray. It is said that it will create a clean and sophisticated ambience. Additionally, there is a warm gray which is calmer. You will like it when you are into neutral accents.

Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors

Pastel is favorable. It gives you soft colors you can choose. Many people have been falling in love with this kind of colors since they look sweet and calm. You can try to apply one or two pastel tones for bathroom. Yet, there are many pastel colors which can be applied side by side and still looks great.

You are not only able to choose pastel for bathroom paint ideas, but also for the furniture. There are many places which provide pastel-colored-furniture. If you are too lazy to move your body, simply surf and shop online.

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