Every teenager wants to get rid of stubborn acne scars. Sometimes persistent acne scars become a problem in their social environment.

As a result, teens become insecure and cover up the blemishes with extra foundation and makeup. In fact, this method can damage skin health and provoke acne growth.

Of course there are appropriate ways to get rid of acne scars in teenagers. No need to worry, just consider the following explanation.

Effective tricks to get rid of acne scars in teenagers
Acne is a common problem that occurs among teenagers. Acne is formed due to clogged pores, a combination of dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess oil.

Although acne can appear at any age, but this is common in teens and young adults due to hormonal upheaval. This hormonal change changes the physicality of adolescents, one of which impacts on the growth of acne.

Over time, the pimples ripen and break. Then, leave marks on the face.

Therefore, teenagers need to take care to get rid of acne scars. Here are ways that can be taken to get rid of acne scars.

1. Apply a gel to remove acne scars
An easy way to get rid of acne scars for teenagers is to apply acne scars remover gel. Acne scar removal gel can easily be obtained through the nearest pharmacy.

Before buying it, you can make sure there are important ingredients contained in acne scars, such as niacinamide, allium cepa, mucopolysaccharide (MPS), and pionin.

The four ingredients are formulated to deal with stubborn acne scars and work by disguising blemishes, helping to even out the skin due to acne scars, and prevent the development of bacteria that cause acne.

2. Using a face mask
To get rid of acne scars, teenagers need to wear a face mask at least once a week. Use mud mask to remove dead skin cells and clogged skin.

Choose a face mask with salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acid. Both are able to exfoliate facial skin gently.

If you have a type of skin that tends to dry, it is better to use this mask before bathing. This method can optimally moisturize the skin.

For oily or combination skin types, you can apply a face mask after bathing and washing your face. Then, apply the mask to the face. Follow the instructions for use.

3. Use sunscreen
Using sunscreen is an effort to get rid of acne scars in adolescents. Sunscreen application is mandatory, because it is able to protect the skin from the sun.

The reason is, the sun’s rays can cause skin damage and exacerbate acne scars, and make scars darker in color.

In choosing a sunscreen, it’s a good idea to choose products with non-comedogenic and oil-free labels.

You can choose other skincare products, such as foundation or cleanser, which are non-comedogenic and oil free. This property is able to minimize the blockage of facial pores that trigger acne.

4. Apply aloe vera gel
This tropical plant also helps remove acne scars. Aloe vera moisturizer can be soap, ointment or cream. For inflamed acne scars, can be relieved by using this aloe vera gel.

One problem with acne scars is the appearance of pimples back in the same place. Aloe vera is also able to restore damaged skin to hypertrophic acne scars by stimulating collagen production.

You can apply Aloe Vera gel 2 times a day. Followed by treatment to get rid of acne scars in teenagers. So that acne scars can be handled optimally.

5. Apply cleanser
In addition to doing the previous four points, teens need to apply cleansers to get rid of acne scars. Choose facial soap that contains salicylic acid to remove dead skin cells.

Cleanser is able to overcome the problem of dry skin and irritation. By using it regularly, it can certainly restore the health of facial skin followed by the application of other acne scars treatment products.

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