The human brain is very easily distracted by various things around it. If not resolved, these various disturbances will drain energy, make it difficult for you to focus, and ultimately hinder work. Fortunately, there are a number of digital applications that you can use to improve focus and concentration while working.

The best application for maintaining focus

On average, an office worker will be distracted every 11 minutes while working. Instead of doing something that makes you more unfocused, try to use this time to use the following applications:

1. Lumosity
Lumosity is a smartphone application containing mini games to improve focus, memory, and other brain abilities. This application applies the principle of neuroplasticity, namely the ability of the brain to change in order to adapt to new situations.

Launch an article in the journal Periodicum Biologorum, repeated brain exercises in this way can stimulate the brain to form new neural pathways. These neural pathways contain information that allows you to do things more efficiently.

2. Fit Brains
Like Lumosity, Fit Brains also contains a collection of mini games that aim to train the brain. The collection of mini games will train 6 main parts of the brain, namely focus, memory, speed of thinking, logic, visuals, and language.

Each mini game is grouped according to your needs and goals. To improve focus and concentration for example, you can practice with various mini games in the Logic Trainer category offered by this application.

3. Pomodoro – Focus Booster
Pomodoro is a time management technique that originated in France. First, you work for 25 minutes, then rest for 3-5 minutes. A set of time worked is called a pomodoro. After resting, you repeat up to 3 pomodoro.

In the fourth pomodoro, work time is increased to 15-30 minutes with longer rest periods. The Pomodoro – Focus Booster application will remind you to work or rest using an alarm.

4. Headspace
Headspace is an application to increase focus through meditation. For those of you who have never meditated, this application offers a 10-day meditation program for beginners. Once accustomed, the duration of the program can be extended as needed.

This application will help you through short videos, sound recordings, and short guides every day. To use it, simply find a comfortable seat, then press the play button and the meditation session will begin.

5. Happify
Compared to similar applications, Happify is quite unique. This application contains a collection of simple activities to build mental endurance, relieve stress, train empathy for others, and develop gratitude.

This application can of course also be used to increase focus and concentration through the positive emotions it causes. In addition, Happify also features a feature to see your progress during the activities in it.

6. GPS For The Soul
Unwittingly, stress from daily tasks can also interfere with focus and concentration during work. GPS For The Soul can restore focus by detecting stress levels, then helps you relieve them.

This free application will reduce the stress that you experience with a collection of pictures, music and quotes that are calming. You will also be guided to do breathing and meditation techniques so that the body and mind are calmer.

Smartphones are often the main factor that makes it difficult to focus. However, many digital applications have sprung up to help you increase focus and relieve stress during contoh surat lamaran kerja.

When you feel so tired from work, take a moment to rest. Try one of the applications above to calm your body and mind so that you can be productive again.

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